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Gyn Exam/Pap Smear

To make sure women stay healthy at every stage of life, they must undergo regular checkups such as pap smears and gynecological exams to assess overall gynecological health. At CareFirst 360 in Mansfield, Texas, our care providers offer pap smears and gynecological examinations. Schedule an in-person or online appointment for a consultation today.

Gyn Exam/Pap Smear Q&A

Women have unique gynecological health needs at different stages in their lives. Hence, they should be concerned about varied health aspects like:
  • Menstruation
  • Menopause
  • The condition of reproductive organs
  • The possibility of cancer including ovarian cancer and breast cancer
To ensure overall gynecological health, women should book regular checkups including gynecological exams (pelvic examination) and PAP smears. Gynecological exams deal with your overall reproductive health condition, and Pap smear checks for the presence of precancerous and cancerous cells in the cervix.Performing proactive diagnosis can prevent the occurrence of cell abnormalities or similar health issues before they become worse.
During the gynecological examination, our CareFirst 360 medical team assesses the entire reproductive system including the uterus, cervix, vagina, ovary, fallopian tubes, and vulva.The gynecological examination involves 3 steps:
  • Visual examination of vagina & vulva for the presence of sores, redness, vaginal discharge
  • Manual examination using gloved hands to check issues in the uterus and ovary
  • Collection of pap smear to determine the presence of cancer
A Pap smear test involves the following steps:
  • Insertion of speculum device into the vagina to keep the vaginal wall open for vagina and cervix examination
  • Gentle scraping of cells from the cervix using a spatula-like device
  • Laboratory screening of the collected specimen for abnormalities that indicates cervical cancer or sexually transmitted diseases
It’s always recommended to undergo a Pap smear test every 3 years.

To assess your gynecological health status, request a consultation at CareFirst 360.

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